03 Dec

5 Brunch Places to Try in Tucson

Who doesn’t love brunch? Whether it’s on the weekend or weekday, a brunch carries the association of a slow-start morning with relaxation and delicious food. When it’s time for brunch, Tucson offers plenty of amazing spots to try.

Bisbee Breakfast Club


02 Nov

9 Types of Sofas for Your House

As a centerpiece of the home, many types of sofas exist to provide just the right type of sitting for your home. Just like the kitchen, a sofa acts as a perfect gathering place for family, friends, and visitors. It’s where people gather for a movie, an afternoon chat, or perch during a party. When it comes to choosing a sofa or a couch for your home, there are many types to consider.

For the most part, sofas are timeless pieces because no couch ever fully goes out of style. A good sofa is an investment in your style and comfort for years to come.

30 Oct

9 Ways to Keep Your Home Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly home starts with building plans but continues with your everyday decisions. Your home is only as environmentally friendly as you’re willing to make it. But studies show that environmentally-friendly decisions have both short and long term benefits for your wallet and for the world. From water conservation to energy efficiency, your home can be comfortable and eco-friendly too.

11 Dec

Grand view of unexpected journey to the west

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