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02 Nov

9 Types of Sofas for Your House

As a centerpiece of the home, many types of sofas exist to provide just the right type of sitting for your home. Just like the kitchen, a sofa acts as a perfect gathering place for family, friends, and visitors. It’s where people gather for a movie, an afternoon chat, or perch during a party. When it comes to choosing a sofa or a couch for your home, there are many types to consider.

For the most part, sofas are timeless pieces because no couch ever fully goes out of style. A good sofa is an investment in your style and comfort for years to come.

The English Sofa

Slightly boxy in design, this casual styled sofa dates back to the 19th century, specifically in the British countryside. This sofa is comfortable with its tight cushions and slightly rolled backrest. The recessed arms and low turned legs on castors also characterize this couch.

Sectional Sofa

This modern and very common sofa is a multi-piece furniture set that can be puzzled into your available space. While a sectional sofa tends to be laid out in an L-shape, it can also be styled in a U-shape or placed around a room in varying configurations. A sectional sofa can have 3, 5, or 7 different pieces.

Chesterfield Sofa

This handsomely styled sofa dates back to the 18th century with a history of noble sophistication. Its high arms, deep seat, and diamond-tufted back and arms are unparalleled in style. Its size does require a room that has enough space for so much personality.

Camelback Sofa

The gracefully arched back of this sofa makes it a popular choice for an entrance hall or a formal living room. With its exposed legs and no back cushions, this sofa is effortlessly lovely and still classically in style. Designed by Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century, this sofa is ideal for chatting but not so much for lounging.

Rattan Sofa

While woven furniture is generally associated with outdoor porches or patios, a rattan sofa can be the perfect piece for your family room or living room. The woven material will bring a more laidback styling to your room with a hint of cottage charm. The choice of cushions for your furniture will determine whether the sofa is better for short chats or movie marathons.

Mid-Century Modern

Reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, the mid-century modern sofa unveils a certain retro charm with its minimalist appearance, organic shapes, and chunky geometry. Select bright colors to bring back times gone by or choose a more understated upholstery to fit a neutral color scheme. The mid-century modern sofa is ideal for homes that prioritize minimalist lines.

Tuxedo Sofa

Named after the town of Tuxedo Park in New York, the tuxedo sofa features arms and back of the same height. This boxy sofa fits nearly any style of room, and it’s appealing to the eye. The straight back is not ideal for lounging, but some well-placed pillows may do the trick.

Cabriole Sofa

The 18th-century style of Louis XV, the cabriole sofa gently curves, creating a gentle S-shape. Without back cushions or continuous lines, this sofa provides an interesting piece for the eye. The exposed wood frame sometimes has pretty carvings that can be painted or left natural.

Bridgewater Sofa

A classic in many homes, the bridgewater sofa is perfect for lounging or having company over. It’s softly rolled backrest with low-set arms and fluffy cushions create a haven right in the center of your living room. It’s a comfortable and casual nature can fit nearly any style.

While this is only a small collection of sofa types for your house, there are many ways you can refresh your sofa or your style. But one of the easiest ways to change up the look of your sofa is by using a slip-cover. Whether you want a different texture or color, a slip-cover can recreate your sofa.

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