Wall Art
01 Jun

Choosing the Perfect Wall Art to Match Your Home

One of the most important aspects of making your home your own is choosing the perfect wall art to match your home style. It’s the icing on the cake—the dot to the “i” and so much more! Wall art generates the mood in every room of your home, whether it’s inspiring or comforting or inviting.

While your search for the right wall art may be a challenge, successfully discovering the ideal piece will be thrilling and satisfying. The perfect wall art will make each room shine.

Focal Point

When designing the mood of your space, choose an idea or a piece to provide the inspiration for your choices. This focal point will anchor your decisions. And from this starting point, you’ll be able to better figure out what you want for each room whether you want to choose cohesive, matching pieces or a menagerie of eclectic items.

Your perfect wall art must be just that: your idea of perfect. Only hang things on your wall that you absolutely love, whether it gives you cozy or energetic feelings. Your home is a reflection of all the things you love — your wall art should be too!

Size Matters for Wall Art

Mini – anything that is the size of a piece of paper or smaller is considered a mini size for art, and these pieces are often sold with a collection of 3-4 pieces.
Small – these pieces are often anywhere between a foot and a half to two feet in size, and they often look good in pairs, hung over shelves, furniture, or short walls
Medium – ranging from 2 feet to 3 feet, these wall hangings can stand alone or be mixed and matched with other pieces
Large – nearly 3 feet in size, wall art of this size is often the centerpiece of the room with nearby smaller hangings. Commonly, only one or two large pieces are hung in a room
Oversized – exceeding 3 feet in length or width, this piece will dominate a wall or room, and it’s vital to make sure the piece will actually fit in the room you have in mind.

Wall Art for the Rooms

It’s unsurprising that wall art should be considered by size, color, style, and so much more. But artwork should also be chosen based on the room it will compliment. Every room offers a new canvas for expressing a different mood or style.

Kitchen Wall Art

As the heart of the home, choosing the right wall art for the kitchen is absolutely essential. Whether you like to cook or entertain or just eat, it’s likely that you and your family will spend many hours within the kitchen. Perfect spaces for artwork include countertops, over the cabinets, and the wall. Many places offer quirky sayings to have in the kitchen.

Bedroom Décor

A haven from the world, a bedroom ought to offer a relaxing environment with artwork that encourages rest and rejuvenation. Wall art often looks best hung over the bed or the wall opposite the bed. The bedroom can be ideal for large pieces with soothing tones or stunning landscapes.

Office Artwork

Dedicated to productivity, your office, whether at home or at work, needs great artwork that encourages you in your work. Some wall art energizes while others inspire. Choose pieces that will be a good focal point for a brain break but also will keep you focused on your work.

Bathroom Pieces

Often overlooked in terms of decoration due to its practical uses, the bathroom is one of the spots that could provide another level of entertainment, energy, or comfort. Bathroom art works particularly well in pairs, whether side by side or stacked pieces. Artwork can be hung over the bathtub, toilet, or towel hooks.

Living Room Designs

Focused on entertainment and relaxation, the living room can be one of the most challenging and intimidating spaces to decorate with wall art. The right pieces can create conversation, offer a specific mood, or just be a pretty focal point. Whether you want family photos or landscape portraits of your travels, your wall art will set the tone for the room. You can also choose to hang items that aren’t generally considered wall art whether it’s your great grandmother’s quilt or another unique item.

Entryway Greetings

If there’s a wall, there can be wall art. Don’t overlook spaces such as your entryway or a hallway leading the bedrooms. These spaces offer the perfect area to display your favorite artwork or photographs. For an entryway, you may want to focus on an open and minimalist look to create more visual space as this area can often become crowded with people, shoes, or bags.

Dining Room Hangings

Committed to entertainment and family dinners, the dining room is often a more formal space that is ideal for large, statement wall art. This artwork can be bold, understated, historical, minimalist, abstract, or whatever you desire. Since this will likely be an entertainment space, you’ll want to consider your art choices carefully.

No one can define “perfect” like you can when it comes to choosing the perfect wall art to match your home. While many people will have different opinions and helpful insight, you’re the one that will be living in the space every day. Follow your heart and choose wall art that makes you happy!

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