02 May

Classy Shelves for Your Home

Organization is the key to maximizing your space while showing off your unique sense of style, and classy shelves are one of the best tools in your organizational arsenal. Shelves come in all types of styles and offer many different structure options to fit every type of home. Whether you prefer standalone, built-in, or floating shelves, there’s a set of shelves that will fit your home perfectly.

When choosing the right shelves for your home, it’s important to understand the space of your home as well as the type of things you plan to display, whether books, artwork, or other random items.

Floating Shelves

These shelves have become more popular in recent years for their ability to float artistically against walls, showing off art collections and favorite books. Adhered to the wall through hidden shelf supports, floating shelves are a statement all their own. However, it’s important to pay attention to the weight limits of the shelves! Clearly a classy shelving option, floating shelves are most often distinctive for their engineered wood and fancy finishes. All screws and supporting equipment are hidden, resulting in a unique, eye-catching display.

Bracket-Supported Shelves

On the flip-side, bracket-supported shelves offer a more classic rustic option when it comes to function and style. Bracket shelves are no longer just made out of metal, but they can be made out of pipe or rope as well. The supports or brackets are most often in an L-shape. These highly versatile shelves can be used in any room of the house, and their brackets can often hold a decent amount of weight as well.

Corner Shelves

Turn possible wasted space into a decorative option with corner shelves! This classy shelving works well in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or living spaces. They are not only practical but a fun design possibility. To avoid clutter, consider the arrangement of these corner shelves carefully. Corner shelves can also be fitted between kitchen cabinets or matched to a room’s wall shelves, maximizing storage possibilities.

Hanging Shelves

Another classy shelving option is the hanging shelf. Whether hung from the ceiling or a bottom of a cabinet, a hanging shelf offers extra storage while being a great place to feature a stylish accent. Hanging shelves can be perfect over a kitchen island or in a workspace with limited horizontal storage. Pay extra attention to where you mount a hanging shelf from in your home because it should be strong enough to hold the weight of your items.

Floating Shape Shelves

With many shelving options available to you, your home can flaunt fun shelves such as floating boxes, triangles, or hexagons. Floating shape shelves provide a stylistic option for displaying your favorite books, plants, or knick-knacks. These shelves can be made out of a material that compliments your room’s décor or something that contrasts.

Free-Standing Shelves

Easily movable throughout your home, free-standing shelves are one of the best ways to create eye-appealing storage in any room. Since this type of shelf doesn’t need to be attached to a wall, it can also act as a room divider. Free-standing shelves can also include closed storage sections as well with decorative fabric boxes or actual drawers of the same material as the shelf.

Built-in Shelves

The fact that built-in shelves are generally part of the very structure of the room by being a recessed shelving option within the very wall, built-in shelves flaunt a certain level of class and finesse. To gain built-in shelves, all you need is an alcove and wood planks. However, built-in shelves could be an option that you include in your custom home build. Built-in shelves work by a fireplace, a small alcove, under cabinets, under stairs, or any other possible wasted space.

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