Living Room Decor
03 Feb

How to Decorate Your Living Room

The living room tends to be the center of the home—a gathering place for friends and a space to relax. When it comes to decorating your living room in a way that features your style and caters to your comfort, you’ll want to take a few concepts into consideration.

Trends come and go, but your living room is here to stay. That’s why you want to decide on a style that fits your life, whether that’s traditional, modern, formal, relaxed, bold, or minimalist. One way to determine what appeals to you is to peruse photos of living room designs online or in magazines. Take note of what speaks to you. Your home is your haven so make it something that makes your heart happy.

1.     Check What You Have

If you’re starting from scratch, then you don’t need to look at what you already have. However, if you have living room furniture that you already love or want to use, you should consider the pieces that you plan to incorporate into your living space. For example, you may want to highlight a family heirloom as the centerpiece of the room or you may want to make a fireplace the focal point.

2.     Select Your Colors

Color is a crucial decision for a room that will likely be a common gathering place for your family and friends. The colors for your living room should be ones that you’ll be happy to see every day. Bright colors often create a feeling of energy while cooler tones invite a sense of calm. Neutral colors offer a canvas for patterned furniture and bold décor.

3.     Understand Your Style

Knowing the style that you want to project with your living room is crucial for orienting the room around specific furniture, flooring, and other details. Magazines and websites are a great place to explore many different styles of living rooms. Once you determine what your style is, you’ll be able to make your decisions based on your living space goals.

4.     Determine Living Room Layout

A true struggle when creating the perfect living room is deciding on the best layout for the room. Knowing how to best arrange your furniture will provide the living room with a focal point, establishing natural areas for clustering seating, and directing traffic flow through the room. Explore photos and living room designs to consider living room furniture arrangements that offer a different set up than the average couch against one wall and the entertainment center against the other.

5.     Creative Storage

The living room is an ideal place to display the parts of your style and life that you love the most. Therefore, viewable storage areas such as bookshelves, floating shelves, fancy tables, and room dividers can provide the ideal framework for showing off family photos, favorite books, and fun travel souvenirs.

6.     Living Room Accessories

Room accessories are like the sprinkles on a delicious ice cream sundae or the glitter on a fabulous birthday card. For a living room, some of the best accessories include rugs, pillows, lamps, quirky chairs, art, and so much more. These small details bring that added layer to your living room that will make it feel totally you.

The most important part of determining how to decorate your living room is having fun with it. Enjoy the process and exploration of colors, patterns, furniture, and more. And if it becomes overwhelming, seek the help of others, whether a friend or a professional.

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